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Real Story of Last Khwarazm Ruler Jalal al-Din



Real Story of Khwarazmshah:

Jalal al-Din was the last ruler of Turkic Khwarizmian Dynasty. His father Mohammed II was the Emporer of Khwarizmian dynasty. He succeeded his father to become the Shah of Khwarazm. When Genghis Khan was marching towards Khwarazm. He requested his father to fight the Mangols in the battle. But his father Muhammad II didn’t agree with him. He thinks that Mangols can’t defect us and he wants to stay in his fortresses. But he was wrong Mangols destroyed city after cities.

At that time Muhammad II fight with Mangols but didn’t succeed because its too late now to assemble Army. After this Muhammad II fled to the Caspian Sea. There he becomes ill so he appointed Jalal-al-din as the heir to the dynasty. After sometimes he died and Jalal al-Din becomes the Ruler of Khwarazm.

He fight against the Mangols in the Battle of Parwan. Parwan is the province of Afghanistan now a days.

There Khwarazmshah defeated the Mangols Army. This was the remarkable victory for Jalal al-Din. After that he also fought Mangols in the Battle of Indus. In which he had most of the rufegees and a small force. The Mangols are well experienced in the battle. In the Battle Mangols defeated him. But he manage to escape from Mangols.

When the Mangols learn that he was weaken in the defeat. Ogedai khan send a new army of 30000 men. The Mangols defeated him easily. There are different opinions about his death. Some said that he died fighting against the Mangols. Other said that he fled from Mangols once again. The Mangols were after him but didn’t captured him. Some said that he was killed by unknown Kurd hired by Seljuks.



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