Watch Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Season 2 Episode 45 with Urdu Subtitles


Episode 44 Review:


When the Episode Starts Osman received the news that Nikola is going to send Biyajo to Alexandros. Osman think that this is the plan of Nikola to trick us. But Savochi is sure that this news is true. He try to convince Osman.
Nikola prepare bayajo to send him. Nikola told Flatios that this is a gift. When they were taking him, they covered his face. Osman and his soldiers stop them and attacked the Byzantine soldiers. Savochi come forward to uncovered his face. When he removed the cover from his face. It was the ambush of Nikola. It was Flatios and quickly Flatios stab the dagger on Savochi.

The Byzantine starts attacked on the Osman and his soldiers. They starts fighting but Osman didn’t know that they have a large number of Byzantine soldiers waiting for them. When kayi Soldiers killed. The Alexandrios order the soldiers to attack on them. Osman and his soldiers fought them well. Osman ordered to take Savochi from here.

The kayi and Byzantine soldiers were fighting that time Osman was on horse. He ordered to step backwards from here. Osman knows that we are few in numbers. Soon Osman and soldiers cross the bridge and cut the rope of the bridge.

Flatios was angry and shouted that you can’t run away from him.
Osman ordered to go back to tribe. There he received the news from Nikola. Nikola killed Osman’s spy in the Castle and told him that if you want your nephew then you have to give me Karchiser Castle. Osman ordered to bring all Sardars of the tribe.
Osman asks what should we do. He first ask from Bamsi but Bamsi refused to return the Castle. But Osman made his mind to give the Castle to return his nephew. Osman give the task to Dundar to meet Nikola to exchange it. Everyone was confused that Osman is against the rules and laws of his ancestors. When they received the bayajo and Alexandros get the Castle.

Osman quickly react according to his plan. He attacked the castle from inside and killed all the Byzantine soldiers. He also killed the Byzantine Governor Alexandros. Nikola was very angry with this. He meet with the Vatican spies and told him that what are you after.

They told him that a great war is coming. If we didn’t get the secret documents from Osman. They will finish us all. He told that Osman is going to unite all the Turks tribe.

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