Watch Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 20 Urdu Subtitles

The Great Saljuk Episode 20


Episode 19 Review:

When Episode starts, Malik Shah was unconscious due to the poison. The Seljuks are few in numbers but Hassan Sabbah has alot of men .They continued attack on Seljuks with arrows but soon Arslantas reach for the help. They covered Malik Shah and start fighting against the Hassan Sabbah men.

Now Hassan Sabbah realize that I can’t killed him here. So he wants to run away from here. Hassan Sabbah run away to the forest with injured faysal. Sanjar said that we should take Malik Shah to the kinik tribe. Because its near and we can’t waste time. They take Malik Shah to the Tribe. Basulu hatun was sad with the situation of Malik Shah.

In the forest Markus meet Hassan Sabbah. Markus told him that now its the time to get the secret documents. Hasaan said that we are injured we need to go to a cave here. Soon Nizamulmulk comes to the tribe and bring the doctors from the Palace. He ordered them to find which poison is used.

Turkan hatun is angry with Zubaida hatun. She wants to make a plan for her to take her power. Sanjar is after Hassan Sabbah.


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