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The Great Saljuk Episode 21 with Urdu Subtitles


Episode 20 Review:

Sanjar learns about the place where Hassan Sabbah will handover the Secret Documents to Byzantine. But due to Tajulmulk’s foolish act, they reach little late. When they reach there. They saw Hassan Sabbah and the Byzantine there. Nizamulmulk order to attack on them. Seljuks started attack on them and soon Hassan Sabbah and Markus realized that we can’t win here nor we take the secret documents from them. Soon they runaway from there. Seljuks arrested an important men of the Byzantine. He was there for the Secret Documents to take it.

Nizamulmulk order to send the news to the tribe. When Malik Shah awake he can learn about it. Soon Malik Shah awake and the poison effects is finished. He learns about the secret documents. He was preparing to go out side to Caught Hassan Sabbah and Markus. He said that they are the ones who is responsible for everything.

The kovel Castle Commander comes and knows everything. He was angry that everything is destroyed now due to Hassan Sabbah. But Markus told him that he is not responsible for it. The Commander said that Malik Shah didn’t die. Now he will attacked on Castle. He starts to bring more soldiers.

When Sultan reach the Palace, he ask about Nizamulmulk. But they didn’t come yet because they were late due to Tajulmulk’s fools act. When Nizamulmulk reach he meet Malik Shah and told him that we are late because of Tajulmulk. Our soldiers also martyrs due to him. Malik Shah was very angry with him. Malik Shah degrade his rank.

Malik Shah told Sanjar that i wants you to become the Chief of the Tribe. You can train your tribe soldiers. We have alot of enemies here.

Watch Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 21 with Urdu Subtitles:



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