Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22 Urdu & English Subtitles

The Great Saljuk Episode 21 Urdu and English Subtitles


Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 22 Urdu & English Subtitles

Episode 21 Review:

Episode 21 when Starts, Tekis told Sultan Malik Shah that you have a secret son. Malik Shah get angry and told him do you have any evidence?

Tekis answered that now I don’t have any evidence. Mlaik Shah get angry with him and scolded him. That how you can put the blame on me. Tapar and Nizamulmulk was there with Malik Shah. Sultan Malik Shah told Tekis to go out side. When Malik Shah and Nizamulmulk was left alone.

He asked Nizamulmulk about it but Nizamulmulk told him that your Mother was not in good condition that time she talks about it. So now Tekis is after this rumor.

Weapons Raid:

Soon Malik Shah received the news that the goods that were supplied here for the war is raided. Shah got angry with it and order to bring Zubeida hatun here. He asked Zubeida that it was your duty to bring that goods here. She told him that i don’t know how this happened. But Malik Shah told him that you can’t do anything properly.

Turna is depressed with the sudden death of his father Ameer Iltebar. Soon Sanjar received the news that Malik Shah order to come in presence. Sultan Knows about the sudden death of Iltebar. Terken hatun learns from Malik Shah that it was weapons for the war. So he ordered Tajulmulk to bring that goods. When Tajulmulk meet with Hassan Sabbah and asked for the goods, Hassan Sabbah rejected.

Sanjar’s Plan:

Sanjar comes and Malik Shah told him about the raid. Sanjar tells Malik Shah that we have to make a plan to reach them who raided. Then Sanjar go to dungeon and told Albert that Malik Shah will free you if you help us reach Markus.

Albert knows that my friends betray me before but his friend didn’t agree. So sanjar give him time to think about it. After Sanjar goes, Albert told his friend but his friend try to kill Albert. Albert killed his friend and agrees to help Sanjar to reach Markus.

The spy comes from Kuvel and told Markus that the way is in our control and you can supply the war weapons to kuvel. Markus told him that i will do it today. The spy left for Selamzar, soon there he saw Albert in Saljuks soldiers dress. They meet and Albert told him to take me to Markus.

Spy take Albert to Markus without realizing that Seljuks are after him. When Albert and Markus meets, Markus learns that he betray us. When he was going to killed him, Sultan Malik Shah and his soldiers comes to rescue him and take the goods from them.

Malik Shah told that now i have more respect for Sanjar. Because its the one who did everything to get the goods from enemies. Tekis is not happy with it, but Nizamulmulk was in a good mood.


Markus’s Revenge:

Sabbah learns about the place of workshop. He told Markus about it and Markus wants revenge from Malik Shah. He decided to killed his son Tapar.

While Malik Tapar was working in workshop. That time Markus comes and destroyed everything and also his men stab Malik Tapar. Soon Malik Tapar was on the ground. When Malik Shah reached and saw him in this condition. He was very sad and try to make Tapar talks.


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