Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 24 Urdu & English Subtitles

The Great Saljuk Episode 24 Urdu Subtitles


Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu

Episode 24 Urdu & English Subtitles:


Episode 23 Review:

The Episode starts with Malik Shah arrival to the Palace. He looks in a great mood. Malik Shah ambush on Markus and Markus has been killed by him. Soon he larns about Malik Tapar thst he is in good condition. So he went to meet him. Terkun hatun is after Basulu hatun problem and give the task to Tajulmulk to solve it. She didn’t believe thst Basulu hatun is dead.


Holy Spear:

The Byzantine’s Prince is not happy with what happened. Markus has been killed and the holy spear has been taken away by Malik Shah. They are disrespected with the holy spear as they consider it lucky for them. He wants to negotiate with Malik Shah. And send the news to Malik Shah. Malik Shah agrees to meet him.


Sanjar’s Marriage:

Sanjar told Nizamulmulk that now i have not duty and i want to marry. Sanjar wants to invite Malik Shah but he have to take care of the secret. Tapar is thinking about everything and he has some thoughts that lead him to Sanjar and Basulu. He is after this that was her mother died. He waits to learn more about it.

When Sanjar comes to Palace and request Malik Shah about his marriage. He was very happy as Malik Shah has to negotiate with Byzantine’s Prince. Malik Tapar request to attend the marriage of Sanjar. Zubeida hatun also wants to attend because she knows that he is the son of Malik Shah. Kuvel’s chief and Malik Shah meets but they didn’t agree on the terms and conditions. So he wants to killed Malik Shah when he was going back to Palace.


Tekes Reaction:

At the last moment Hassan Sabbah stop him and told him maybe you attacked on him and he didn’t die. Hassan Sabbah had another plan to hurt Malik Shah. So they agreed there in forest. Tekes is angry on Malik Shah and wants to remove him from power. He invited all the chiefs of tribes and ask for the help. But they refused and said that we are loyal to Malik Shah. They go from there but Tekes said you all had to pay the price.

Gohar and Terkun hatun meets for the Basulu’s problem and agrees to solve this problem together. They also agree to killed them as they thought its dangerous for the dynasty. When they go to the Basulu’s grave, Zubeida hatun comes and stop them from doing anything wrong.


Attack on Innocent People:

Sabbah told Kuvel’s Governor to attack on the people who are going for Pilgrimage. They thought that it can hurt Mailk Shah in the Muslim world. Soldiers of Kuvel attacks and killed everybody and leave Tajulmulk injured. Shah is very angry and sad over this killing.He wants to revenge from them. Albert is there to help Malak Shah and gives important information to him.
Seljuk’s soldiers are searching for Markus’s soldiers.


They have also captured Lena but they don’t know that Markus has been killed. When they had a fight with Seljuk they finished them. Turna and Sanjar is going married. Tapar and Zubaida hatun are there. Soon Tekes comes and not happy that all the chiefs of tribes are there. Tekes has been returned by Tapar but Tapar notes that when Tekes comes Basulu goes inside.


Seljuk’s Ring:

When Zubeida hatun was going back, she gives the ring of Seljuk’s to him. Tapar saw it and now he is more suspicious about him. He also ask Zubaida and Zubaida told him that i give Seljuks ring to the members who get married. Sanjar’s invited all the chiefs of the tribes for meeting but he received the news from Nizamulmulk that you have to come there. Basulu and Sanjar reach to the place but soon they shocked when they saw Tapar there. Now Tapar learns that Basulu is his mother.

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