Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 11 English & Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 11 Urdu Subtitles


Mendirman Jaloliddin


Episode 10 Review:


Episode starts with Jaloliddin was in the shop of Behram. Behram was surprised that why he came here but Jaloliddin told him that you knew Kutlu. He was shocked with it and Jaloliddin order him to make dress for her. I m going to marry her. Now he was relax and satisfy Jaloliddin with beautiful dress. Turkan hatun received the news that the mother of Shiren is ill. His father requested Turkan to allow her to see her mother. Shiren was very sad with this news.


Jaloliddin Surprise Decision:

A girl brings the news that Jaloliddin is going to marry Kutlu. She was not happy with it because now Jaloliddin didn’t ask anything from her. The mother of Jaloliddin was very happy with it. It was her wish to marry Kutlu and Jaloliddin. Sultan was discussing the issue of Mongols with others and Turkan hatun comes to talk about it. Now she told Sultan that Jaloliddin is going to marry but he didn’t talk about it. Ozlak shah was angry with it that how its possible, that in my wedding he is preparing his wedding. But Turkan hatun told him about the Shiren situation.

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 11:


Kutlu and Jaloliddin was talking when Okshash comes and wait for Jaloliddin. So he told Kutlu that he was waiting for me from two days and i must meet him. That time Okshash told Jaloliddin about Kutlu that he saw. Jaloliddin told him that i will ask from her but don’t say anything about it. They were seeing each other and Jaloliddin ask from her. But she told him to save me from this. He knows that what will told me that I don’t want to hear.


Plan of Bahram:

When Kutlu open the door, she found a paper on the ground. She watch here and there but no one was there. So she pick it and saw it. There was written that you must killed Jaloliddin if you wants your brother alive. They give her the order of it and told her that below the pillow there is poison in the bottle.


Mongol Surprise Plan:

Shiren was sitting and OzlakShah comes and told her that i will be going with you. First he didn’t get and told him that its a long way. But she knows thst it will be good for her. When they were on the way, few men who covered their faces attacked them. Soldiers and OzlakShah fight against them. Soon OzlakShah put the sword on the neck of a man and uncovered his face. It was a Mongol commander Subatai and OzlakShah leave him. Subatai warns him that we will come back soon.


Plan of Jaloliddin:

The wedding ceremony was in the Palace and Jaloliddin and his soldiers keeps eyes on everything. Behram was also there and now Jaloliddin has a doubt on Behram. A girl and other soldiers was his men and soon killed by Jaloliddin’s soldiers. That time Behram was nervous but he didn’t saw anything there.


Sultan Alaudin told his wife that now we will have a peaceful night because all the spies had been killed. When Kutlu was in the room, Jaloliddin brings her a drink. But she told him that i am the spy of Ghenghis khan.


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