Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 12 English & Urdu Subtitles

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 12 Urdu Subtitles


Mendirman Jaloliddin


Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 11 Review:

Qutlu bakar told Jaloliddin that she is working for Chengiz Khan. He told her say again as Jaloliddin can’t believe it. She said again that i am the spy of Chengiz Khan and he send me here to work for him. Jaloliddin asked her that saved you from Chengiz Khan was also his plan. The answer he got hurt him. Chengiz Khan knew that Jaloliddin is a kind hearted man and he must help her.

Mendirman Jaloliddin Episode 12:


Deadly Plan:

Bakar told him that he Chengiz Khan killed my father and other people and kidnapped my brother to force me work for him. I worked for him but now he wants that i must give you poison to kill you. I can’t do it to a kind man, so that’s why i am telling you.


Now she told him that i put those names in the box of Turkan hatun. That time Jaloliddin was very angry on her that just because of you the state was on the edge of war. Turkan hatun was also after the hasheshin and they finished them from Palace. She talk with Mahmood Beg that you will brings me the news from Chengiz Khan. Qutlu bakar told Jaloliddin that Behram is working for Chengiz Khan and he is hasheshin.


Behram Attested:

Shams-ud-din caught Behram in the wedding ceremony when Jaloliddin trick them and caught all red-handed. Temur Malik was beating Behram to open his mouth but he didn’t said anything. Okshash and other soldier raid on the shop of Behram and killed his men but one of them runaway. At the night time Jaloliddin was very sad and sitting outside. Sultan Alaudin cames and asked about his problem. So he told him that Chengiz Khan kidnapped the brother of Qutlu. Alaudin told him that i learned about it that Chengiz Khan had a child but i don’t know who he is?


Ring of Hasheshin:

At that time Jaloliddin request Sultan to help him. He told him that you need to find Tokhto in the forest. Chengiz Khan is after him but till now he didn’t caught him. You have to caught him in order to rescue the brother of Qutlu bakar. He didn’t wait for the morning and went to find him. Okshash learns about the ring of Hasheshin and Temur asked about the ring from Behram. But he didn’t get a satisfied answer. He open the mouth of Behram and take out the ring. Behram went crazy for the ring as this ring was given by Hassan Sabbah to him.


Behram’s Spy:

A soldier inform Sultan about the attacked of Subatai on Ozlaq Shah and told him that we killed all the soldiers of Subatai. Sultan was happy with it as he said it was their first victory. Shams-ud-din came to meet Behram but the soldiers didn’t allow him to meet him alone. That time Behram told him if you help me get out of here. I will tell you the name who is our spy in the Palace.


Defeated Subatai:

Jaloliddin meet with the man who is working for Sultan. They were going to forest to caught Tokhto. Subatai went alone and Jochi asked him that you leave your soldiers in the Khwarizmian’s lands. You are very brave that you are still ready to meet Chengiz Khan. After a while Chengiz Khan comes and told Subatai that now killed yourself here. When he was about to stab himself, Chengiz Khan hold his hand. He told him that now the war is began and ordered Jochi to start the attack.


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