Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30


Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu


Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 29 Review:

Episode starts with a difficult situation for Sanjar, Tapar and his soldiers. Hassan Sabbah caught them and put the daggers on their necks. He told him that now you will be die here. But Sanjar said that Sultan is on his way to come here. Sabbah told him that he can’t come here now. When Sabbah ordered to killed them, an arrow hit one of the Batini. Soon Ali comes and start attack on them. Sanjar and other soldiers also started the attack with them on the Batinis.

Injured Nizamulmulk:

Saljuks and Batinis was fighting but Sanjar knows that they are more in numbers. So he hit Hassab Sabbah with an arrow. He fall on the ground and Faysal told Batinis to take him inside. Seljuks comes out of Shalamzar at that time. Sultan ordered Turan Shah to leave Nizamulmulk but he made his mind. When Turan Shah was about to attack in Nizamulmulk, Sultan through a dagger that hit Turan Shah on his arm. But soon Turan Shah through a dagger that hit Nizamulmulk on the back.

Roman Fire:

Malik Shah ordered to take him to Kinik Tribe for the treatment. Tapar and Sanjar comes to meet Sultan and told him about everything. Malik Tapar told him that Sanjar hit Hassab Sabbah with an arrow. Now they wants to attack on Shalamzar because Hassan Sabbah is injured. But after little time Hassan Sabbah wake up and ordered the batinis to bring Roman fire for the defence. The Saljuks were ready for the attacked and Sabbah was waiting for them. Malik Shah ordered archers to start attack on them, so the soldiers will try to break the door of Shalamzar.



Archers started the attack and the soldiers were trying to break the door. This was the movement Hassan Sabbah was waiting for, so he order to through the Roman fire on Saljuk soldiers. All the soldiers who was trying to break the gate burn there. Sultan was very angry with it and wants to saved his soldiers. Ali and Tapar stop him there because now they can’t do it. At that time Sultan ask for a solution and Sanjar told him that if brings the experts here.

Attack of Batinis:

So Ali goes after them to bring them and to find a solution. Tajulmulk got the news about the experts and delivered it to Hassan Sabbah. Faysal comes with Batini and attacked on the place where they were trying to make a tower for the Roman fire. He also martyred Ayaz there along with other soldiers and takes the experts to Shalamzar.


Tekes was waiting for Turan Shah because now his eyes are treated. So they can work together against Malik Shah. A map was throw on the ground by Tekes and told Turan Shah that East will be mine and West will be your’s. Soon an order came from Palace that Sultan wants Turan in the Palace. Tekes told him not to go but he said that Sultan can’t kill me. When Sanjar reach the working place and saw Ayaz and other soldiers. They were sad that Ayaz is no more.


Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30:


When Turkan hatun, Zubaida and Gohar reach the tribe. Zibaida told Gohar that you are the wife of Tapar and he is the son of Bashulu. So you have to kiss her hand but she refused it. Turkan hatun told Zubaida that Sultan didn’t forgive her so she there is no need for it. But Zubaida warn her that if you didn’t kiss her hand. You will pay the price for it. As she is the wife of Sultan and the mother of Tapar and Sanjar.

Alliance of Tekes and Turan:

Malik Shah wants to attack on Shalamzar next morning. But Tekes and Turan agrees to Hassan Sabbah and take Shalamzar from him. They make a plan for Malik Shah that now he can’t take Shalamzar from them. Next morning, Malik Shah prepared for the attack and when reached near. They saw the flags of Tekes on Shalamzar. Both of them comes and told Sultan that we defeat Hassan Sabbah and take Shalamzar from him. Also Turan warns Sultan Malik Shah that if you try to take it from Tekes. We both will fight against you.

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