Kurulus Osman Episode 57 English & Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 57 Urdu Subtitles



Kurulus Osman


Episode 56 Review:

Episode starts with the fighting between Kayi and Byzantine’s soldiers. Soldiers from both sides were falling down and Osman was fighting bravely. Milhan hatun was also fighting on the Osman side and they killed alot of enemy’s soldiers. Savachi was fighting with Kalanoz and three other soldiers and when he was about to kill one of them.


The End of Savachi:

Kalanoz stab the dagger from backside but still Savachi manage to finish that soldiers. Now again Kalanoz hit him again and Savachi finished both of his soldiers. Savachi was on the ground when Kalanoz saw Osman was coming. He was trying to runaway from Osman.


One of the soldier of Nikola was watching this and inform Nikola about it. Nikola told him that now Osman will not leave Kalanoz after this. Maybe he killed him soon but he was angry on Togai. Because Togai leave him and accept the request of Osman. In forest Kalanoz was on the horse but Osman was running with him on the same way. Soon Osman caught him and started beating him. The Kayi flag was put on Savachi as he is no more. That was the time for revenge and Osman kill Kalanoz there.


Kurulus Osman Episode 57:

Togai was very happy with the request of Osman. He thinks that with Osman i am more powerful now. Omer bey was very angry on Milhan hatun when he learns about her. Now, he wants to punish her because Nikola will not believe him now. When the corpses reach the tribe, everyone was very sad. Lina comes outside and looking for Savachi. She ask about Savachi and Osman told her that he is martyred. Everyone was very sad with it as after the son now his father passed.


When Milhan hatun meet Omer bey, he asked her why you didn’t listen to me? But she told him that it will be good if you also take part in it. She told him that Savachi was martyred and Osman toon the revenge. They were about to leaving for Kayi tribe and inform his soldiers to be alert.


The Game of Osman:

After the funeral of Savachi Osman discuss the issue of Togai with Gundoz and Bamsi. That if i didn’t make an agreement with Togai then we will be in trouble. He said that it is just a game that we gain sometime and to break Alliance of Nikola and Togai. Omer bey was angry with it when he heard that Osman makes the agreement with Togai.


Nikola’s Revenge:

The relations of Omer bey and Nikola is worst due to Milhan hatun and Omer bey wants to punish her for this. Milhan was ordered to go to his uncle tribe but she decided to first meet Osman bey. When she reach the tribe and told him about everything. Osman told her that you are not going anywhere. I will talk you to your father about this and will make him change his decision.


Togai was told by his Commander that today we will going to collect the tax and what if Osman betray you? He replied that we will going to finish his tribe. Osman came to meet Omer bey and ask about Milhan, that why you are going to send her? He said that she didn’t follow my order. That time a box was send by Nikola and when Omer bey open it. There was the heads of his soldiers and Nikola wrote to him that the debt is paid.



A Mongol was came to the tribe that i came here to collect the tax for Togai. The Chief of Kayi tribe Osman order Boran to bring gold. When he brings it Osman told him that this is the gold of my elders and beat him that nobody can take it from us.


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Kurulus Osman Episode 56 English & Urdu Subtitles

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