Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31 English & Urdu Subtitles

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31


Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu


Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 30 Review:

In Episode 30, when Sultan and his soldiers was about to attack Salamzar. Tekes and Turan comes in their way and Tekes said that i conquered Salamzar and now its mine. Turan was also on the side of Tekes and he said that he took it by sword. So now you have no right to take it from Tekes. Tapar was not happy with it and he said that we were going to Conqured it. He don’t want that Sultan give the power to Tekes in Salamzar.


Wise Plan of Sultan:

Sultan said that first i will investigate everything than after that i will decide. So they went to Salamzar to rescue the soldiers which was caught by Hassan Sabbah. Now Sultan told Tekes that i will give you Salamzar. Sanjar and Tapar was not happy with the decision. Zubaida saw that Gohar didn’t kiss the hand of Basulu hatun. When they reach the Palace, Gohar told her servant that my parents will come here today. But the servant told her that Zubaida didn’t allow them and was send back. She was angry on Zubaida that she insulted me. Malik Shah order that he will take decision of Sanjar, Nizamulmulk and Basulu. So they got ordered to come to the Palace.


Roman Fire:

Tekes and Turan Shah was sure that know Sultan is scared and he will not go against us. Sanjar told Nizamulmulk and Basulu hatun that we will accept every decision of Sultan. When they meet Sultan, he said to Nizamulmulk that you will do your duty of State. The title of Malik will be given today to Sanjar.



Turan Shah was not happy with the decision and Tekes told him that we have to wait sometime to finish Sultan. Malik Shah ordered Sanjar to bring Roman fire from Salamzar. Mitras knows that now Malik Shah will attack on Kuvel, so he warn Tekes and Hassan Sabbah that if you give Roman fire to Sultan. I will tell him everything you do against him. Now Tekes told him that i will not give him the Roman fire. But Turan make a plan to attack on Isfahan to take the power. That’s why he wants that Tekes will give the Roman fire to Malik Shah.

Uyanis Buyuk Selcuklu Episode 31:


In this difficult situation, Hassan Sabbah told Tekes that Sultan will not get Roman fire. He has send his Fidais to burn all Roman fire. When Sanjar and his soldiers was taking Roman fire, Fidais attacked them but Fidais was soon killed by them. Turan Shah was after Tekes and caught him with Hassan Sabbah. But he also agreed with them to dethrone Sultan.


End of Turan Shah:

Next day Sultan was going to attack Kovel, Mitras was in the forest to finish him there and Turan Shah was about to attack Isfahan to take control. But fadais was killed by covered faces soldiers and Hassan Sabbah runaway with Faysal from there. They also arrested Tekes and soon caught Hassan Sabbah and Faysal.



When Turan reach the Palace, there was no soldiers there. He realized that Sultan makes plan for him and he was right. The soldiers of Sultan soon caught all the soldiers of Turan Shah. Now Turan Shah can’t do anything and Sultan told him that know no one can save you. Because you makes a plan against the State.

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