Kurulus Osman Episode 58 English & Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 58 Urdu Subtitles



Kurulus Osman


Kurulus Osman Episode 57 Review:

The Ambassador of Togai told him that Osman refuse to give him the tax. He got angry with it and killed the Ambassador there. Togai swear that i will killed Osman soon and make a plan for the attack. The Seljuk Sultan was told by the Governor of Gehatu that Osman didn’t give his tax and we will punish him. Sultan told Yarchao that i will invite him here and he will pay the price. Yarchai told him that don’t forget that we make you the Sultan of Saljuk.


Nikola Plan for Tugai:

Mongol Governor agree with Sultan and send his Ameer to meet Osman and invite him here. Yaso meet Nikola and told him that Osman didn’t give the tax but he said thst i am not surprised. Governor Yaso said that now Tugai will come after me for the tax but Nikola has a plan for Tugai. When Togai was prepared for the attacked on Kayi. He got a news from the Governor that for now you don’t need to attack on the Tribe. Because now Saljuk Sultan will do what is necessary to get the tax from Osman.


Alliance of Omer And Nikola:

Now Tugai wants to take the tax from Yaso, so he meet Nikola and told him that, if he didn’t give the tax. I will hang his head on the spear. And no Governor will stand be with you. But Now Nikola wants to attack him that he can’t take the tax. So, he send the news to Omer bey and invited him to the Castle. When they meet Nikola told him that now you have a chance to take the revenge from Tugai.

i will provide you the news and we will attack him together. They both agree on it and Omer bey was waiting for the news.


Osman in Konya:

The spy of Yasu was caught by Charkotai when he was going to the Castle. Gundoz get the information from him. He told Gundoz that Yasu and Nikola will attack Tugai. Omer bey was angry that we fought against the Mongols but Sultan didn’t invite us. Osman went to Konya to meet Sultan Masood. When they meet Sultan was not happy with him.


Kurulus Osman Episode 58:

The Mongol commander comes and asked about the Ambassador. But Osman told him that he try to stab me with a dagger. Osman told him that Tugai killed him because he didn’t want that you hear about it.



Sultan Masood calm the Governor of Gehatu and Osman agree that i will give the Tax to Saljuks. Yarchao told him that we don’t care about who give it. When Osman was leaving Sultan comes and told him that i need to talk to you. Now Sultan told him that we can’t get rid of Mongols if we don’t have the power. He told Osman that you will not go against them and we will gain power. So we will fight against them. Saljuk Sultan also told him that i will give you the soldiers. Now Osman knows the plan of Sultan and told him that i will not go against you.


Secret Plan of Sultan:

When Osman reach the tribe, he discussed everything with Bamsi, Gundoz and Dawood. Gundoz told him that Nikola will going to attack Togai. He was happy with it and told them that let them fight. Now Osman wants to stop Omer bey from doing anything that can cost him. So he meet him and try to stop him from the attack on Tugai, but he didn’t agree.


Osman And Omer At The Edge of War:

Goktukh was given the tast to keep eye on the Omer bey’s tribe. Now Osman told the chiefs that if Omer didn’t follow me, i will stop him by force. Soon Gohtukh comes and inform Osman about the movement of Omer bey. They also prepared the soldiers to stop them in the way. Nikola got the news that Omer bey is preparing for the attacked. Osman was waiting for Omer bey and try to stop him, but he didn’t listen to him. They were about to start the fight against eachother.



Sheikh Adebali comes and stop them from fighting against eachother. Omer bey has no other so he step back. He told Osman that to finish this fight you have to fulfill the will of Ertugrul Ghazi. You must have to marry the daughter of Omer bey.


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Kurulus Osman Episode 57 English & Urdu Subtitles

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