Kurulus Osman Episode 62 English & Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 62



Kurulus Osman

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Name: Kurulus Osman
Season: 02


Episode 61 Review:


Kurulus Osman Episode 62 reach and saw Bamsi bey on the ground. He was very angry and sad that now the pillar of our tribe is down. They take Bamsi bey to the tribe for the funeral. Charkotai was very sad on the death of Bamsi bey. Osman told his soldiers now we must go after them and will take the revenge. Tugai knows that we can take advantage of Osman’s anger. So he order Jamoa to ambush on him. The Mongols hide everywhere in their place and waits for Osman.



When Osman reach their place, there was no one there. But an arrow comes vut didn’t hit Kurulus Osman Episode 61. Now the Mongols comes out to attacked but the soldiers of Osman was very angry. Soon they killed all the soldiers of Tugai and Jamoa runaway. He learns that Tugai is not there.


They goes back to the tribe for the funeral of Bamsi bey. Nikola and Tugai make a plan to attack on Osman. And Osman learns about it from a Governor. Sultan Mehsood inform Osman that Tugai is a rebel now and betray Geyhato.



When Osman and the forces of Tugai and Nikola comes. Soon Nikola ordered his soldiers to goes back. Because Gundoz inform him about Tugai that Mongols are not with him. Now Tugai has few soldiers and they were about to attack. Yarkocho comes that time and all the soldiers of Tugai goes after him. Just Tugai and Jamoa was left alone and Yarkhocho said they are traitors and will be punished. Kayi Chief step back but he wants revenge.



Kara Osman makes a plan to save them from Yarkhocho and when they are out, Osman was waiting for them. Karasheman Togai and Jamoa was caught by Osman in the forest and beat them there.


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Kurulus Osman Episode 61 English & Urdu Subtitles

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