Kurulus Osman Episode 63 English & Urdu Subtitles

Kurulus Osman Episode 63



Kurulus Osman

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Name: Kurulus Osman
Season: 02


Episode 62 Review:

Kurulus Osman Episode 63 caught Jamoa and Tugai. He brings them to the tribe and people were shouting that “kill them”. They have killed alot of innocent people and last time Tugai martyred Bamsi bey. Osman wanted his revenge and now he will take it. They both were down on the ground and Kurulus Osman Episode 63 were about to killed them. But Charkotai stop him and give the swords of Bamsi bey to Osman.


With both swords Osman killed them at that movement. Yarkocho was very angry with it and he told Sultan Masood that Osman is behind it. Sultan ask him ” Do you have any evidence”?


He now wants to punish Osman for that. So, he told Sultan that Osman will give the tax three times more. And he also wants to send gold to Nikola to attack the tribe. The ambassador of Yarkhocho comes and inform kayi chief about it and told him that you will give it in three days. Kara Osman agree and was thinking about how to manage?



A letter from Sultan comes and inform him that Yarkhocho sends gold to Nikola to use against you. Now he make his plan to get that gold from the soldiers of Nikola and give it to Yarkhocho. The soldiers of Osman was waiting for the gold and Mongols soon give the gold to the soldiers of Nikola. When Mongols go from there, they attacked and killed the soldiers of Nikola and take the gold.


The son of Byzantine’s king meet Nikola and order him to prepare for an attack on the turks. This time a big battle is on the way. Soon Nikola invited all the Governors and give instructions to them. The preparation of the battle is started and they wants to finish Turks. A Governor inform Osman about it and told him that this time, they all will attack on you.


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